"Every mind deserves a great future."    

Barton Educational Consulting


“You did a great job.  I’ll be sure to refer you to anyone who needs your services.” -----K.G., realtor 

"Kelly is a plethora of knowledge
when it comes to understanding the "ins" and "outs" of teaching and learning within
a public school system. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who has questions about how his or her child can effectively matriculate through the system. (And she truly cares about her clients...very important!)"

--D.D., Parent

"Kelly Barton provides essential services that all parents and school-age children can benefit from. Her attention to detail and careful planning show through in everything she does. Her in-depth knowledge of the educational system is amazing and her dedication is unquestionable. Her services are highly recommended."

--J.B., Parent

"Kelly is a superb educational

consultant. We have worked together with a number of families and students and
her work is of the highest caliber. I recommend her without reservation."

--Dr. Margaret Kay, 

PA & DE Licensed Psychologist & Independent Educational Evaluator 

"Thank you Kelly for all your help.  Your professionalism/skill really showed throughout our interactions with you!"

--M.S., Parent

Kelly is simply the best New Jersey and Pennsylvania educational consultant I have worked with! She is extremely tough which is an absolute necessity in this field. She is extremely knowledgeable about educational options and special education. Kelly cares deeply about all her clients and zealously works on their behalf. She has been an invaluable asset in several of my cases."

--C.B., Special Education Attorney

"I cannot tell you how very much I appreciated that act of kindness.  A 'thank you' note falls far short of what is due to you for the time, energy, and dedication that you spent on behalf of [my son].  I can only hope that one day I can repay you for everything you have done for us."

--M.W., Parent

"Kelly--Just wanted to thank you for all your assistance with [my son's] IEP process these last few months.  I really appreciated your willingness to accommodate my schedule and work late on a Friday night."

--C.M., Parent

"Thanks so much for giving us your time and sharing your knowledge about Progress Monitoring.  You inspire the advocate in all of us!"

--ARC of Chester County

"Thanks so much for everything you did for us.  We think the meeting turned out pretty well.  Had you not been there with us, we probably would not have walked out of there with everything we did.  It meant the world to us and we can't thank you enough."

--H.R. and S.R., Parents

"The consultants at Barton Educational Consulting really care about their clients.  Thank you for paving the way for my child's success."

B.C., Parent

"Barton Educational Consulting's knowledge of education and their ability to apply it to real life situations that parents and educators are faced with is exceptional......I would recommend Barton Educational Consulting to anyone in need of direction or advice."

D.H., Parent