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Are you wondering what local schools use the HSPT as part of the admissions and/or scholarship process? Here they are!

Villa Maria Academy Upper School

Notre Dame Academy

Child Custody Evaluations--We research, report, and testify regarding what is "the best interest of the child" educationally.

Our reports include:

  • background information relevant to client's request

  • listing of documents reviewed

  • child's educational history

  • child's interests and talents

  • a comprehensive analysis of school districts and schools in the areas of teaching excellence, student academic performance, technology, strategic planning, school safety, finance, school climate, strategic initiatives, parental involvement, etc.

  • conclusions and recommendations to bolster student success


Specialized Services

Relocation Guidance--Just moving to the area? We've got you covered!

We'll answer the questions that your realtor is not allowed to answer.  

We can answer your questions about--

  • any or all of the local school districts 
  • which private schools are the best ones in the area  based on your child's learning profile
  • names of professionals--education, medical, psychiatric,etc. so you don't have to begin blindly!

We will help you make a smooth transition!


School Observations--Do you want to know how things are REALLY going at school?  We can let you know!

Sometimes, you're just not sure how it's going in school.  Barton Educational Consulting can help!  We willobserve your child at school and prepare a comprehensive report which gives parents some information about certain aspects of their children's education:

  • time on task

  • engagement, participation, and motivation

  • class size

  • learning style

  • behavior

  • academic mastery

  • ......and more!

Based on parent preference, students do not need to know that they are being observed, OR if parents prefer, the student can be told ahead of time.

Click HERE for a sample school observation report.

High School Placement Test (HSPT) Report

Personalized Analysis, Tips, and Study Strategies

When your child takes the HSPT either as a practice test or as an actual entrance exam, your child receives a score report.  Barton Educational Consulting will analyze that score report and offer your child a PERSONALIZED study plan complete with example questions from the test.  See a sample report below.  Feel free to inquire about this HIGHLY VALUABLE service!

Click HERE for a sample of our HSPT Report.