SHOW ME THE MONEY—College Affordability Report

This is one of our most popular offerings.  Based on your confidential financial data, we will determine the amount of financial aid that you are likely to receive at each of the colleges on your list.  You can either provide us with the information or you can confidentially input the information yourself whichever your prefer.  After learning which financial aid methodology is most beneficial to your situation, you canbetter financially plan for your child’s college years.  You will be able to work with your financial advisor to better position your assets in order to maximize your financial aid opportunities.

 Fees are determined by the number of colleges assessed.  Package includes a meeting to explain reports.  



BEC will help you brainstorm, plan, and create a first draft of any college essay.   BEC will then make suggestions for edits and revisions for up to four drafts of an essay until your final draft is ready to go.  There is a flat fee for each essay.


BEC will help you fill out all parts of the common application—including the essay!  We will work with you to brainstorm, plan, and create a first draft of your common application essay.  BEC will make suggestions for edits and revisions until your final draft is ready to go!

COLLEGE MATCH—Develop your list of colleges!

Building the right list of schools is the most important step in the college admissions process.  By meeting with you and your parents (together or separately) and by candidly assessing your admissions profile, BEC will help you develop a sense of your ideal college.  You will receive a list of 15-25 schools that you will research and/or visit.  After you closely examine each school, we will meet again to pare down your list to 8-10 colleges that are target schools, reach schools, and safety schools.

APPLICATION STRATEGY--BEC will help you develop a strategy for completing your applications!


 BEC will help you: 

  • Develop a strategy and timeline for completing your applications.

  • Develop your application “story” which highlights your strengths and interests.

  • Create your resume and activity list.

  • Decide who to ask and how to ask for college recommendations.

  • Decide what supplementary materials (art portfolios, athletic films, etc.) to include with your application.

You and your parents will receive a customized timeline and action plan.

"Every mind deserves a great future."    

Barton Educational Consulting



BEC helps students prepare for college interviews by helping them prepare and practice answers to basic interview questions as well as answers to projected questions for a specific college.