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Barton Educational Consulting


Educational Advocacy and Consulting

All Inquiries Completely Confidential!

How does our Advocacy Service work?

1.  Contact us by phone  484-764-7797 or email at bartonedconsulting@gmail.com.  All inquiries are confidential.

2.  We will call and/or send a contract explaining our rates and our process.

3.  Return contract via email or U.S. mail with the retainer fee and your child's records.

4.  We conduct a thorough record review and then provide feedback, suggestions, resources, action items, etc. for your particular situation. This session can be conducted by phone or in person.

5.   From that point forward, you decide our future involvement on an hourly fee basis.  Our services are completely tailored to your unique needs!  We can attend school meetings, connect you with competent professionals, facilitate school placements, or take care of whatever you need.

K-12 Expert Service in the areas of:

  • Special Needs Identification

  • Evaluation and Assessment

  • IEP or 504 Plan Development

  • Extended School Year Services

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Mediation, Dispute Resolution

  • Due Process Expert Testimony

  • Transition Planning

  • School Placement

  • School Discipline, Suspension, Expulsion
  • Relocation
  • Child Custody

We are experienced with.......

Learning Disabilities                                Anxiety

Gifted                                                       Truancy

Social and Emotional                               School Avoidance

Behavior                                                   Bullying

Executive Functioning                              Eating Disorders

ADHD                                                       IEPs and 504 Plans

High Functioning Autism                          Mediation

Autism                                                      Interagency Mtgs.

Down Syndrome                                      Assessment

Psychological Concerns                          Medicaid

School Discipline                                     Dyslexia

Manifestation Determination Meetings     PTSD

Expulsion Hearings                                    OCD

Bullying                                                      ODD

Traumatic Brain Injury                           Full Day Kindergarten

Speech and Language Issues              Sensory Integration

Occupational Therapy Issues               Visual Processing

Physical Therapy Issues                       Auditory Processing

Assistive Technology                            Educational Testing

Custody Cases                  

Research Based Practices

Functional Behavior Assessments


Health Plans


Plagiarism Defense

Positive Behavior

Support Plans

......And More!

Pre K - Age 21+

Early Intervention, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, High School, Transition, Post Secondary, College Admissions