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 Behavior Intervention Plan (aka Positive Behavior Support Plan or PBSP)--a plan of positive behavioral interventions in the IEP of a child whose behaviors interfere with his/her learning or the learning of others.  a BIP is based on data gathered through an FBA.

Behavior Support Consultant (BSC)--BSC provides specialized behavioral assessments and treatment interventions in homes, schools and other community locations.

 Blue Ribbon School

 Brain Research and Development

 Bullying--taunting, teasing, ridiculing, and/or harassing others usually in an effort to feel more powerful during a situation

Career/Interest Inventory

 Caretaker-- person who takes care of another in the general sense 

 Child Custody Evaluation--a child custody evaluation is a process in which a mental health expert, usually a psychologist, evaluates your family and makes a recommendation to the court for a custody / visitation or parenting plan that is in your child's best interests.

 Civil Rights

 Class Size--the total number of students in a class/instructional period.

Code of Conduct--a written policy of behavioral expectations adopted by the school district or private provider of special education.

Cognitive Ability--a term which refers to the student’s innate reasoning and intellectual capacity

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)


Common Core Standards

 Compensatory Education--services or education provided to a child to make up for those not provided or for some other deficit found in a child’s program. Most often awarded to a child as the result of a state administrative complaint or due process hearing.

Compensatory/Coping Strategies--strategies or techniques used to make up for any difficulties or deficits a student has

Comprehension--the act of understanding text:  Literal (explicitly stated in the text) or Inferential (implicitly stated in the text)

Consult (Supports for School Personnel)

Content--refers to the main topic/material/information presented in a lesson


 Criterion-Referenced--A type of test/assessment where students are not compared to a normalized group.  Instead they are assessed by how well they meet pre-established standards or criteria.

Curriculum--Refers to the content/material that is taught in a school

 Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA) or Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM)--

Cyberbullying--bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Clickherefor more information.


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